Bailey Gardiner Presells Condos at the Mall

LOS ANGELES A San Diego integrated marketing agency is using advertising in an upscale mall to screen for wealthy real-estate prospects, according to the shop. The project started over the weekend and continues for the next three months.

Scott Curry, account supervisor at independent Bailey Gardiner, said a slowdown in traffic at Concordia Homes’ Lido property, where condos start at $700,000, prompted the strategy of dominating the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, unusual in its demographic of having more wealthy empty nesters than teenagers hanging out.

The agency purchased wall space for signage as large as 53 feet by 6 feet; set up tree stands to give away oversize shopping bags with a “You’re going to need a bigger bag” tagline; and arranged for the parking attendants to insert mirror hangers in the cars of an anticipated 25,000 valet customers, Curry said. The hangers induce shoppers to take a 15-minute tour of the Lido property in exchange for a $50 Visa gift card.

The mall’s traffic is remarkable for its disposable income, according to Curry. He cited its data: an average shopper earns $30,000 more annually ($72,212) than the region’s average; shops 20 minutes longer (104 minutes); and, at $129 per trip, spends 39 percent more than the national average.

“Compare how the Fashion Valley Mall screens potential buyers to an $18,000 ad that would run in the [San Diego] Union-Tribune,” said Curry. “We’ll get much better qualified prospect.”

The entire campaign, including some newspaper buys, a radio component and a Web site, will cost around $300,000, Curry said.

Curry said that housing sales are typically down by 50 percent at this time of the year, when retail shopping prevails, then resume after the holidays. The agency aims at building awareness during peak retail for conversion starting in January.