Cuddly pooches, fuzzy photography, moody piano and poignant emotional appeals define TBWA\Chiat\Day’s effort for Pedigree’s dog adoption drive. “Help us help dogs” is the tagline. It’s a worthy cause, and the ads are certainly well crafted and evocative — but somehow, this campaign leaves me unmoved. I’m sorry “Bailey’s family got a new apartment, but they don’t take dogs.” And I take no pleasure in learning that “for every dog that gets adopted, there’s one that doesn’t.” Perhaps I expected more than furry faces behind iron bars contrasted with sunny-day frolics in the park with man’s best friend. It seems easy and predictable to tug at the heartstrings this way, somehow less than the sum of its parts. Plus, I kept wanting to rewrite the copy: “For every child that gets adopted, there’s one that doesn’t … Help us help kids.” My apologies to TBWA\C\D and dog-lovers everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with these spots; it’s a solid effort all round. I guess my mind was somewhere else. — David Gianatasio