badger branding

Following the lead of many private companies these days, Wisconsin is having a bit of budget trouble. The state has a shortfall totalling just over $1 billion. Marsha Lindsay, president and CEO of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs took some time to offer legislators a little advice.

As people in the ad industry often do, she suggested the government spend its way out of its money problems by putting a few bucks behind branding the Badger State.

Lindsay told legislators the state should undertake a feasibility study, at a cost she estimated at $200,000, and follow that with a full branding development program, estimated at $2 million.

“Most states have an image whether they’ve strategically developed it or not,” Lindsay said. “We’re all the sum of many images.”

For Wisconsin, those images are generally of cheesehead hats and beer and brats. Lindsay acknowledged the popular perceptions, but said the state needs to focus on the things that will attract business and boost the economy.

Wisconsin has yet to greenlight any campaign, but Lindsay has already picked out the perfect consultant: Wally Olins from the U.K., who has worked with countries including Ireland, Portugal and, currently, Estonia.


“Stay tuned,” Lindsay said.