baby talk

By now it’s clear that no self-respecting ad competition can simply issue a run-of-the-mill call for entries. The unwritten rule demands that it be offbeat, biting, sarcastic and, of course, self-deprecating.

“It’s a plum assign ment, but it is a tough audience. They are a harsh, cynical group,” said Jon Gothold, co-president and executive creative director of DGWB, the Irvine, Calif., shop that created the call for entries for this year’s Orange County Ad competition.

They are also a group of people who like to win. To wit, Gothold created a warm and fuzzy poster featuring a fresh-faced toddler happily crawling on the carpet. The tongue-in-cheek message says, “Nurturing. Guiding. Teaching. Loving. That’s what nannies are for. Focus on what really matters. The O.C. ad show is coming.”

“We all know we will do anything in the hopes of being recognized by our peers,” said Gothold, who claims to have three children but paused awkwardly when asked for their names.