baby bob, the prodigal son

Orphaned by a dot-com and panned by critics, Baby Bob took back his honor last week.

The 6-month-old chatterbox, created by Siltanen/Keehn to advertise FreeInter, made a ratings splash in sitcom land last Monday with his eponymous show on CBS. The sitcom features the voice of Kenny Campbell as Bob, Adam Arkin as his PR-guy father (who wants, a tad implausibly, to keep Bob’s talent a secret) and Joely Fisher as his mother (who can’t shut up about him).

Bob’s first dad, Rob Siltanen, principal of Siltanen/Keehn in El Seg undo, Calif., says the success isn’t really a surprise. “We saw it when we did the ad cam paign,” he says. “We got so many e-mails from people saying how much they loved it, there was so much momentum around it.”

Siltanen has a new role, too. Since the agency got ownership rights to Bob when FreeInternet went kaput, Siltanen now serves as the show’s co-executive pro ducer, pitching in on everything from casting to script notes.

Six episodes are in the can. “If we can keep the numbers up, there’s a good chance the show can go,” Siltanen says (although he may have once said the same about

Now that Bob has made the switch, will the Gateway cow—another Siltanen/Keehn charge—soon be mooing its way into the network lineup? “He’s a modern-day Mr. Ed,” admits Siltanen. “It could be a very interesting premise if we wanted to take it into some other world.”