Baby, Bath and Beyond at Huggies

DALLAS Kimberly-Clark is rolling out a new line of Huggies Bath and Body Products that will be accompanied by an ad campaign from Ogilvy & Mather, the company said.

Although a Kimberly-Clark spokeswoman declined to provide details on the advertising component of the launch, she said it would be a “comprehensive marketing campaign” that would include sampling, direct marketing and public relations.

More than 20 new toiletry items will be introduced early next year, including Huggies Shampoo, Huggies Baby Lotion, Huggies Diaper Rash Cream and Huggies Disposable Wash Mitts, as well as variations of the brand’s existing baby wash and washcloth products, the company said.

A new Huggies Liquid Powder, made from a proprietary Kimberly-Clark formulation, is expected to draw the most attention. The lotion goes on a baby’s skin as a liquid and dries as a powder, making application less messy and eliminating airborne particles, the company said.

Huggies becomes the only brand with a major presence across all four major non-food baby categories (diapers, training pants, wipes and toiletries) and in three of which it is the market leader, the company said. Huggies, which joined the toiletries category in January 2004 with the launch of a washcloth and baby wash, has already lifted the bath segment of the market by 11 percent.

“This launch is very significant news both for consumers and customers,” said Steve Kalmanson, group president, North Atlantic personal care for Kimberly-Clark. “Moms see the Huggies brand as more than diapers and wipes, they trust Huggies to care for their baby.”

Kimberly-Clark, headquartered in Dallas, also markets Kleenex, Kotex and Scott tissues.