A-B Spot Backs Use of ‘Designated Driver’

CHICAGO Anheuser-Busch tonight breaks a spot backing the use of designated drivers under the theme “Make it standard,” the brewery said.

The spot, from Interpublic Group’s Momentum in St. Louis, shows close-ups of a sporty vehicle as a voiceover goes down a list of standard features—”All-well traction control, standard; anti-lock breaks, standard; dual front airbags, standard.”

The spot concludes with a “designated driver” icon showing on a dashboard light, as the announcer says, “A designated driver, when you go out, make it standard.”

The spot will debut during ABC’s Monday Night Football.

Momentum also put together a promotion that will employ the “Make it standard” tag to back A-B’s annual holiday designated-driver consumer sweepstakes, with the winner getting a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster. Entrants can sign up on A-B’s Web site, designateddriver.com.

The “Make it standard” effort falls under A-B’s larger “Responsibility matters” campaign, which urges responsible use of the company’s alcohol products.