For A-B, Mobile TV Foray Is ‘Worth It’

NEW YORK Anheuser-Busch is jumping onto the digital media bandwagon with a new set of ads for more than 1 million subscribers of mobile television, the company said.

This is the St. Louis-based beer giant’s first foray into the world of mobile advertising in which spots will play on video-enabled cell phones.

The ads, which rolled out this week, include a campaign for Bud Select. The “Always Worth It” spots, which debuted during this year’s Super Bowl, will also be available on subscribers’ cell phones and handheld devices.

The new venture aims for the coveted youth demographic, the company said.

“The 21-35-year-old beer drinker is increasingly tech savvy, seeking out the latest gadgets and technology, not just for fun, but in order to stay informed,” said Tim Murphy, A-B senior director for creative development, in a statement.

A-B’s partner in the high-tech venture is the mobile television and digital radio service provider MobiTV. The Emeryville, Calif.-based company’s service is available in the U.S. through Sprint, Cingular and Alltel.

Campaign spending was not released. Bud Select got $90 million in 2005 ad spending, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Support for Bud and Bud Light will approach last year’s $140 million and $175 million, respectively (Brandweek, March 27).