A-B Launches Unique Bud Light Campaign

ST. LOUIS – Anhueser-Busch last week launched a new campaign for its Bud Light brand that uses a 30-second spot and two follow-up 15-second spots in individual programs. In one humorous spot launched last week titled ‘Beach,’ a man lying on the beach invites a woman to have one of his Bud Lights. She accepts and begins covering him with sand. Two subsequent spots show him getting buried deeper and deeper until the last 15-second spot has him buried up to his neck yelling for help. It’s the first time A-B has followed up a 30-second spot with two 15-second trailers. ‘We had a story situation where this type of thing could work,’ said Bob Lachky, director of Bud Light marketing. ‘We made the decision to do it on the shoot. DDB Needham Chicago handles.
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