A-B Hops on Urban Market

CHICAGO-Seeking to tap the urban market and those influenced by it, Anheuser-Busch hired a Los Angeles video production company to create a series of TV spots promoting Budweiser as a product of “hip hops.”
It is the first work for A-B from C Front in Los Angeles, a company that crafts music videos, among other things, said Danny Scott, ethnic marketing manager for the St. Louis brewer. The first spot broke Feb. 8.
“The brand wants to be cognizant of all its consumers,” Scott said. “This is a bit different for us. The urban market and the influence of the urban market is growing.”
The first spot, shot in a sort of hazy black-and-white, shows a couple walking into a club. Inside, a series of shots backed by steamy jazz show clubgoers dancing, laughing and drinking Budweiser. A voiceover delivers the tagline, “Made from hip hops,” as the couple leaves the club beneath a neon Budweiser logo.
Three companion spots will follow, Scott said. Media buys will be skewed toward African American- oriented programming like Vibe.
“This campaign is focused on what’s hot and what’s going on,” Scott said. “We feel like these spots will appeal to all urbanites-blacks, Asian Americans, Hispanics, whites.
“A lot of the hot trends start in the urban environment,” he said.
The latest Bud work is also part of the shift away from animated characters in commercials for Bud, Scott said. A new campaign for the brand from DDB Needham Chicago -to be previewed at A-B’s distributor’s convention in March-stars humans, not frogs or lizards.