Overall Billings Growth: Up 13.4% to $855 million: (grade B+)
Clients Lost: Ponderosa, CB Fleet, Citrus Hill: (grade B)
New Clients: Bayer Select, Shearson Lehman: (grade B+)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 10.6% or $80 million: (grade A)
Creativity: GM corporate work strikes a chord; AT&T still shines. Other ads, especially for diamonds, lack sparkle: (grade B)
Management Savvy: In a flat environment, Ayer was able to coax major new business assignments out of existing clients such as Bayer Select. Shearson was a nice win: (grade B)
Teacher’s Comments: Agency able to maintain independence and avoid sale to Ketchum through outside financing; performance this year will determine whether that was the right move.
Overall Grade: B
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