A&W Dumbs Down

Some might think it nervy to tell a client your first work for their product will have the tagline, “It’s good to be thickheaded.”
Your chances for success are enhanced, however, if the product is A&W Root Beer and the target audience is 18-34-year-old males who have made Adam Sandler a star.
Foote, Cone & Belding’s Chicago office, which in February added the $5-10 million A&W brand to its roster of Cadbury Schweppes assignments, created the “Thickheaded” campaign.
The three 30-second TV spots will air on shows such as Comedy Central’s South Park in the first quarter of 1999. They depict truly bone-headed moments, including a job applicant who mispronounces the name of prospective boss Mr. Dumass.
“As soon as you see our new ads, you will take pride in your thick-headed moments and embrace A&W as a badge of honor in one of the world’s least exclusive clubs,” said Jay Litsey, A&W brand manager at Dr Pepper/ Seven Up in Plano, Texas. –Scott Hume