Avrett Emerges With Dewar’s

Avrett Free & Ginsberg has landed creative duties for the $20 million Dewar’s White Label Scotch account following a review. Also contending were Ammirati Puris Lintas and Amster Yard, both in New York.
APL will retain media duties for the Miami-based Bacardi-Martini brand. The client, which acquired the rights to Dewar’s last year, did not return calls at press time.
Leo Burnett, Chicago, was the incumbent until Diageo’s United Distillers Vintners unit sold Dewar’s to Bacardi. Burnett handles UDV’s Johnnie Walker Scotch.
Avrett’s first work is expected this fall. Dewar’s sales fell slightly to 1.3 million cases last year, compared to 1.4 million in 1997.
Despite the drop, Dewar’s remains at the top of its category. Stuart Grau, AF&G’s director of account planning, said the new campaign will attempt to overcome the image of drinking Dewar’s as a “rite of passage” into adulthood. Grau would not disclose further details.
“This is a challenging opportunity to help a category leader realize its full potential,” said shop principal Frank Ginsberg.
Following the win, Avrett resigned UDV’s $2 million George Dickel whisky, based in Stamford, Conn.