Avocados From Mexico Will Return to the Super Bowl With Another Humorous 30-Second Spot

Fifth consecutive ad in the Big Game now from a new agency, Energy BBDO

Comedian Chris Elliott starred in Avocados From Mexico's Super Bowl spot last year. Avocados From Mexico
Headshot of Kristina Monllos

Avocados From Mexico will have a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl for the fifth consecutive year in a row.
The trade group will continue its tradition of lighthearted and humorous ads but will work with a different creative agency this year, Energy BBDO, after consolidating its business with the agency earlier this year. For the last four Super Bowl campaigns, Avocados From Mexico worked with Austin creative shop GSD&M. The ad will appear during the second quarter of the Feb. 3 game, which will air on CBS this year. Havas Media will manage media, while Richards Lerma will run digital and Ketchum will handle PR.
This year, Avocados From Mexico plans to use the Super Bowl to reinforce the worth of its avocados with the tagline “Always Worth It,” as the fruit has “that combination of delicious flavor, healthiness and year-round availability,” explained Alvaro Luque, CEO of Avocados From Mexico. The campaign will feature a celebrity, but Luque declined to say who that will be just yet, claiming the trade group will reveal that in the coming weeks.
“We’re going to play around with a creative idea of people doing crazy things for avocados,” said Luque. “I’ve seen things where people go nuts if they don’t get their avocados or guacamole. The whole ad will be super funny. We’re going to come back with the same type of light humor we usually use, and the idea will be around all the crazy things you do for this fruit that is so valuable.”
The trade group has data to back up the value message, noted Luque. “We did a study with consumers, and we have good data to back us up that consumers will be willing to pay up to $2 more just by adding avocados to their regular meal,” said Luque. “If you’re having a burger or sandwich, they will pay up to $2 just to add avocados. That gave us a lot of good back-up that our strategy of value and worthiness is completely true in the consumer minds.”
While Avocados From Mexico will take a similar approach with its creative campaign roll-out—releasing a 15-second teaser, a 60-second digital version of the spot and a 30-second ad for the game—it will push to have a more integrated 360-campaign than it has before adding its food service team to the mix this year.
“We’re going out with a big shopper promotion with [Bud Light’s] Lime-A-Rita and Tabasco for the Super Bowl time,” said Luque. “That promotion will be in-store. [We] will be able to sell in more than 30,000 additional bins or displays in the stores. So you’re going to see a lot of extra sales support throughout the stores before the Super Bowl.”
Over the last five years, the Super Bowl has been highly successful for the trade group, explained Luque, adding that it will keep its catchy Avocados From Mexico jingle even though it has changed creative agencies.
Avocados From Mexico measures its Super Bowl success by looking at how many pounds of avocados were brought into the country every single year before the game, usually looking at the four weeks prior to the Big Game.
“Last year, we were around two hundred million pounds of avocados in those four weeks, and that’s a significant increase compared to where we started,” Luque said. “If you take those 200 million pounds we put into the market and convert [them] into guacamole, we could fill up the Super Bowl stadium end zone to end zone 33 feet high.”
The trade group also analyzes its sales after the Super Bowl. “Before we were Super Bowl advertisers, we had a big issue,” said Luque. “We were doing a great Super Bowl sale, and then the following day, we had a lot of issues because our inventory was high and we would see sales decline after the game.”

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