Avocados From Mexico Promises More Lighthearted Humor in Fourth Consecutive Super Bowl Ad

The spot will showcase the versatility of avocados

Subliminal advertising played a big part in Avocados From Mexico's 2017 Super Bowl ad.
Avocados from Mexico

Avocados From Mexico ad-lovers, rejoice! The brand announced it will return to the Super Bowl in 2018 with a 30-second spot, making 2018 the brand’s fourth consecutive year in the Big Game.

“The Super Bowl is a great place for us, not only from the ad standpoint, but also from a public relations and media standpoint, as well as digital and social media,” Kevin Hamilton, Senior Director of Marketing at Avocados From Mexico. “It gives us a chance to get our word out, and that continues to be valuable for us.”

GSD&M will once again handle creative for spot. Together, Avocados From Mexico and GSD&M have crafted three delightful hits, including “First Draft Ever” and the #AvosInSpace campaign. Last year the duo came up with another winner—#AvoSecrets. The ad focused on a super-secret society trying to figure out who was spilling some of their super-secret secrets. Along the way, the group discovered the powers of subliminal advertising and that avocados can be both healthy and delicious.

Each year, Avocados From Mexico seems to top itself with another wacky and entertaining ad that delights viewers. The team always regroups in March or April to discuss that year’s Super Bowl campaign, discussing what went well and what could be improved upon. “We try to look for the right business deliverable on the communications side that is the right thing for that year,” Hamilton noted. “In the past what we’ve tried to do is deliver two things: a point of awareness about the brand, but also to deliver a characteristic or a product message, a brand message, associated with who we are.”

Details about the creative for the ad are sparse for the time being, but Hamilton did share that fans can expect more of that “lighthearted, humorous approach you’ve seen in the past.” The ad will also focus on how versatile avocados and guacamole can be—like throwing them into a sandwich or a wrap.

“It’s a shame that something that tastes so good would be confined to a bowl,” he added.

Bowl…Super Bowl…perhaps this mysterious ad will be a punny one.

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