Since its resurrection as an annual observance a few years ago, Earth Day gives people pause one day each year to think about environmental issues.

With Earth Day approaching this Tuesday, Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia of Austin, Texas, is capitalizing on the timing to report how it plans to keep us on our toes the rest of the year.

Tuerff-Davis is officially opening its doors this week as an ‘environmental’ advertising and public relations firm that will help business, government and nonprofit entities gain awareness for their programs that benefit the environment.

‘EnviroMedia knows recycling and pollution prevention can be as good for the economy and an organization’s image as they are for the environment,’ said agency president Kevin Tuerff. Tuerff and agency co-founder Valerie Davis are both former state directors of environmental public education in Texas.

Among its first assignments, the agency will serve as event organizer for ‘America Recycles Day,’ set for Nov. 15 and backed by 10 national organizations.

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