In the time-honored tradition of eccentric characters who have gone before—including Curtis the stockboy and the flake collector—the latest Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes campaign may serve up the most memorable yet. Meet Joe and Tommy, two lovable losers who take a taxicab out to the wilderness in hopes of finding their inner Tony. “We’re playing off the notion of guys in search of their manly selves, looking for the animal within,” says CD/copywriter Ned Crowley of Leo Burnett in Chicago. “At first we were going to have a group trek out to the woods, but we figured it was way more pathetic to have only two.” In the five-spot campaign, Joe and Tommy imitate their cartoon hero—mimicking “They’re greaaaat!,” learning to tie the red neckerchief, painting their faces with tiger stripes. Best of all, Tony the Tiger cameos in each ad. “We’ve had the idea of ‘hiding’ him for a while. It made sense to use Tony in this campaign,” says Bob Akers, CD/art director. “Now it’s become a bit of a game: Where’s Tony?” Both creatives lavish praise on director Christopher Guest, who is “the master of improvisation,” says Crowley. Will Joe and Tommy make it back to civilization? “I think we’ve milked all we can out of these guys,” Crowley concludes. “Our next challenge is to find a good female character.”