Audi “Oil Parade”

Consumers are accustomed to (and skeptical of) automotive advertising that suggests they can save the planet by buying a particular brand of car. This spot for diesel-powered Audi TDI cars, via Venables, Bell & Partners, takes a different approach as it shows oil barrels rolling along — down a country road, past some kids on bikes, down a city boulevard and finally on board a ship. “1.5 million barrels of foreign oil every day,” intones the voiceover. “If only one-third of us drove clean diesel, we could send it all back.” Ah, now this sounds like a realistic goal for a car buyer: not saving the planet, but giving those foreign oil producers a vigorous poke in the eye. The notion that a new generation of “clean diesel” can reduce our dependence on foreign oil will encourage viewers to take a fresh look at a technology they’ve tended to regard as smoky, smelly and dirty. If nothing else, the spot will push some viewers to Audi’s Web site, where they can learn more about these cars. –Mark Dolliver