Audi “Goodnight”

Audi’s new 60-second spot for the A-8, a prelude to its fourth Super Bowl appearance next month, says goodbye to all the outmoded accoutrements of luxury in a Daniel Kleinman-directed commercial that takes a page from the children’s book Goodnight Moon. To demonstrate how “luxury has progressed,” the spot says “goodnight” to the “gluttony,” “expected” and “outdated” definitions of “old luxury” (for example, a fox fur that yawns during the voiceover delivery inside a mansion that has a Mercedes parked outside) and says hello, rather, good morning, to the “illumination” and “unequalled inspiration” found in the new Audi. Yet in showcasing the new luxury, the product features in the last 15-seconds or so as the sun rises behind a parked Audi, however, seem like a dull ending when compared to the intriguing visuals that first knocked the competition.–Eleftheria Parpis