Audi Commercials Circle The Luxury Landscape

Mckinney & Silver Campaign Is Latest Step In Brand’s Revival
NEW YORK–McKinney & Silver breaks a new campaign for Audi of America this week that features a renewed product line and a new attitude.
In an attempt to reclaim the brand’s position in the luxury market, Audi is increasing its media spending by 20 percent over last year’s $50 million. Five image-driven spots featuring the A4, A6, A8 and Avant wagon begin airing nationally today.
While the spots have no unifying tagline, each focuses on the car’s performance, styling and technology. Print ads, designed to reflect the curved lines of the cars and Audi’s trademark ring of circles, also break this month.
“This campaign is really staking out a territory that we are a luxury, tier-one brand,” said David Baldwin, executive creative director at M&S. “It’s a nice bold statement that says we are back.”
In one spot, the A4 races its own shadow. As the shadow reaches the car, the voiceover says, “Suddenly, it seems the only competition is yourself.” In another, the A4 is positioned as “the perfect vehicle for getting in touch with your inner child,” as the car races through a field of silver pin wheels. A spot for the A6 shows images of classic Audis reflected in the side of a building, a puddle and a compact disc.
The campaign is the latest in the Auburn Hills, Mich., automaker’s ongoing effort to revive the once ailing brand. Last year’s campaign, also from M&S in Raleigh, N.C., was more model-specific, and highlighted features such as four-wheel drive on some models.
In the last few years, Audi has introduced a range of nameplates in the luxury segment. Audi sold 34,000 cars in 1997 and year-to-date sales are running 25 percent ahead of that.