AT&T’s ‘Student’ Clip Gets an ‘A’

NEW YORK “Philawara-
pragacago.” That might just be my new favorite word, courtesy of “Student,'” one of six inventive new spots from BBDO’s latest AT&T campaign, “Your seamless world.” The work was directed by film prodigy Wes Anderson of The Royal Tenenbaums fame. Characteristically, each of the commercials overflows with clever verbiage and imagery. Each features a mobile phone user talking about his or her incredibly busy, interactive, mixed-up life. In “Student,” for example, the kid in the blue Blazer (an Anderson self-reference to Rushmore) explains that he grew up in Philadelphia, goes to school in Delaware, has a brother in Prague and bunch of friends in Chicago, “So I need a network that works where I live,” he says, which sounds pretty typical for a college kid. Philawarapragacago. The combinations of names are equally wry in each spot, especially when repeated by the announcer in perfect deadpan fashion. But the truly head-spinning part is the visual—the revolving sets illustrating portions of each phone user’s life. In going from home to school to Prague on his phone, we see just that, and each backdrop is outfitted down to the smallest detail. Speaking of design: That new orange background for the spinning blue and white AT&T globe looks pretty happening.