AT&T’s ‘Hands’ Return

NEW YORK AT&T this week expanded its “Hands” campaign, which uses photo advertisements that depict prominent symbols of various countries through the posing of elaborately painted hands. One of the company’s wireless phones is integrated into each image.

The campaign, via BBDO, initially debuted in 2008 and included approximately 17 ads. Every ad in the collection is designed to send viewers the message that AT&T has “more phones that work in more locations around the world,” said Jenny Bridges, an AT&T rep.

Each country represented in the push is an area where AT&T users can receive mobile phone service. Together these locations form the company’s “global wireless footprint,” according to Bridges.

With this week’s push, the portfolio of countries now includes France, Morocco, Norway, Paraguay and a second set of ads for China and Mexico. There are more than 20 nations represented in the campaign. The ads will appear in print, online and at airports around the U.S.

Bridges said AT&T is continuing to use “Hands” because “it’s a great, eye-catching concept that really emphasizes our global wireless leadership.”

Nielsen Business Media