Attributor, TubeMogul Track Viral Vids

NEW YORK Attributor Corp., a firm that helps media companies track and monetize syndicated content across the Internet, has inked a deal with Web video analytics outfit TubeMogul to create a new measurement tool for tracking viral videos.

According to Attributor executives, its products have mainly been used to police the distribution of media companies’ copyrighted material as they move across the Web. This new product, however, will be designed for ad agencies and marketers that produce videos with the express intention of having them go viral.

By combining Attributor’s audio and visual fingerprinting technology with TubeMogul’s ability to monitor video traffic on thousands of sites, brands will be able to monitor how frequently their videos are being shared by Web users, according to the companies.

In other words, the two firms will be able to gauge just how “viral” various videos actually are.

“To advertisers, having your video copied across YouTube and other sites is a good thing,” explained Matt Robinson, vp of business development for Attributor. “Our partnership [will]…deliver unparalleled visibility.”