Attn: Gay-Mart Shoppers

Dweck & Campbell takes a humorous shot at family values in its first work for Gay-Mart, an interactive gay phone-dating service developed by Voice Systems Engineering in Holland, Pa.
One of the three print ads (shown here) shows a fatherly-type figure clutching his chest in agony, as if experiencing a heart attack. Copy reads, “Meet someone to take home to your dad.”
The other ads feature mom characters, one angrily wielding a frying pan and the other looking unpleasantly surprised.
“They’re a typical, retro-’50s, Patty Duke type of family,” said agency president Michael Dweck.
The campaign also features postcards, T-shirts and stickers.
“Our ads have quite an attitude,” Dweck said, “[but] all we’re saying is meet cool people at a cool service.”
The New York shop’s $1-2 million campaign is running in various publications in New York and Philadelphia, and will hit the West Coast and other areas in January. –Rob Lenihan