Attik Animates Scion

SAN FRANCISCO Attik has debuted a trio of 30-second television spots for Toyota’s Scion.

All three commercials—which follow 15-second iterations that broke last month—re-create Scion vehicles using computer-generated animation techniques.

Attik co-founder and group creative director Simon Needham directed the spots, working with creative director Wayne Hanson and design director Stan Zienka.

Ads for the Scion xA (“Shadow”), xB (“Swarm”) and tC (“Shark”) models show the vehicles changing skins, chameleon-like, as they zoom through urban streetscapes.

The images are designed to support the notion that “inspiration can come from anywhere, so people take it from around them and use that to customize their cars for something that differentiates them from others, just as the spots have a different look and feel,” Needham said. “We tried to approach these three commercials in a unique way but with the same brand proposition, which is personalization.”

Elements of two of the spots were combined in a theatrical 60-second version that broke last week, according to the San Francisco agency.

Torrance, Calif.-based Scion spent $50 million on advertising in 2005 and $10 million through March 2006, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

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