AT&T Masters B-to-B in ‘Worldly’ Effort

DALLAS AT&T today launches its first campaign targeting enterprise business customers with a pair of TV spots from Rodgers/Townsend that feature executives talking about their work world.

Built around the theme “The world according to . . .,” the effort begins with the commercials that debut during coverage of the Masters Golf Tournament on CBS, with print and online iterations breaking Monday, according to the client.

This push is part of the overall $500 million AT&T is expected to spend on the brand-building effort this year.

In one new spot called “The World According to Alan,” an executive explains how “our workday never ends” because when people at his office go home, the enterprise is advancing an idea from a different location. The spot follows Alan through a plant as the voiceover explains how AT&T can provide the networking capability for a global enterprise. The ad ends with the AT&T logo and the Oasis song “All Around the World.”

A second spot, “The World According to Jane,” features another executive talking about her need for multi-lingual network security. The voiceover explains AT&T’s ability to deliver protection of data streams globally.

The San Antonio-based client’s recently introduced tagline, “Your world. Delivered,” closes the new spots.

“The new breed of enterprise requires that executives constantly juggle various business needs such as increasing efficiency and productivity, convergence, network security and reducing cost,” AT&T said in a statement.

The “new” AT&T was created by SBC Communications’ $16 billion acquisition of AT&T last fall. SBC adopted the AT&T moniker because it was the most recognized name in telecommunications, the company said.

Ads by Omnicom Group’s GSD&M in Austin, Texas, and independent Rodgers/Townsend in St. Louis helped launch the “new” AT&T in January. While GSD&M primarily focused on the consumer market, Rodgers/Townsend handled the business-to-business segment. Oasis music was also heard in those executions.