ATSS Awards Globalstar To TBWA C/D

TBWA Chiat/Day continues its winning streak. After picking up the $90 million Levi’s brand account two weeks ago, the Venice, Calif., shop last week was awarded AirTouch Satellite Services’ Globalstar brand identity account in the U.S. Billings are estimated at $20-30 million.
The agency prevailed over Grey Advertising in New York, according to sources.
ATSS selected TBWA C/D to help launch its Globalstar service in the U.S. largely because of the agency’s creative reputation, according to company representatives. In addition, the agency’s “expressed commitment to collaborate effectively in the global effort to launch the new Globalstar brand identity” was a key motivating factor in the decision, said Karen Gilligan, director of marketing for Walnut Creek, Calif.-based ATSS.
ATSS is a subsidiary of AirTouch Communications, a global wireless communications company. It is set to market Globalstar, a San Jose, Calif.-based satellite communications system designed to allow users to make and receive phone calls and faxes almost anywhere in the world. Globalstar L.P. is a limited partnership led by Loral Space & Communications. The company has a potential to reach nearly 11 million customers worldwide.
As part of its equity stake, AirTouch has Globalstar service provider rights in North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Indonesia and Japan.
Slated to launch later this year, Globalstar will utilize a network of 48 low earth-orbit satellites and 50 land-based “gateways” to make phone calls and faxes possible even in countries without land-based telephone systems.
TBWA C/D is also competing for Globalstar’s Canadian and Mexican markets. At press time, it was unclear whether the other international markets had been awarded. –with Michael McCarthy and Hank Kim