Consider the maid: She’s in your house (that is, if you’re in the affluent demographic American Express Publishing wants to target), she knows all about you, and yet she’s hardly noticed.

Until now, when she’s given her due in Asylum’s first trade campaign for AmEx Publishing, whose titles include Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine. In the first of a series of three ads that target media buyers and advertisers, a maid relaxes grandly on a chaise lounge in a loft.

“Very few get closer to our readers than we do,” the copy reads.

The shop’s strategy was to position the publishing house as “detectives of affluent worlds,” said Mark Trippetti, managing creative director of Asylum in New York.

“They’ll find out more info on behalf of the affluent consumer than any other magazine publisher,” he said. “We illustrate the detective approach by creating a detective group, the service industry, which is closer to affluent society than anyone.”

The next two ads, which break in May and November, will follow the same theme. The work is running in trade publications such as Adweek, Women’s Wear Daily and Cosmetic World.