Asher-Gould Gets Cold Shoulder; Baskin-Robbins Sets Review

LOS ANGELES – With a new management team making its presence felt, the relationship between ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins and Asher/Gould here is starting to melt.
Sources at the Glendale, Calif.-client said last week that they are in the initial stages of a search for a new agency to service the $8-million account.
‘We’re looking at California first, but we are not ruling out any agencies,’ said the source. ‘We want to see what else is out there.’
Asher/Gould won the account in August 1989 and broke a new campaign featuring a talking spoon in April 1992. While that campaign was originally touted as a $15-million TV, print and radio effort, sources said the company, a division of British conglomerate Allied-Lyons Plc, never reached those goals.
In recent months, new vp/marketing Larry Kurzweil joined the company and he will likely make the call on a new agency.
The new marketing vp’s arrival follows a management shakeup at the company which operates roughly 2,300 stores in the U.S. Last December, Glen Bacheller, a vp with Baskin-Robbins sister company Dunkin’ Donuts, came over to BR as president. At the same time, Allied-Lyons tapped Dunkin’ Donuts chairman Robert Rosenberg to oversee both chains, reporting to Allied-Lyons retailing ceo Tony Trigg.
During fiscal 1992, Baskin-Robbins posted over $800 million in sales while its sister company generated roughly $1 billion.
Asher/Gould executives declined comment.
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