Artustry to Handle ICOM Duties

Artustry Partnership has picked up ad duties without a review for ICOM Communications, worth $10-15 million, the agency said.
The shop will launch ICOM’s Megilla, a suite of applications–like Microsoft Office–that enables computers to take advantage of broadband telecommunications.
Duties will include logo, packaging and Web site design, and advertising and public relations. The campaign will initially utilize trade books, but consumers will also be targeted eventually.
Following Megilla’s November launch, Artustry will develop an image for ICOM, a 10-year-old phone company based in Westbury, New York, which brokers long-distance phone time by buying minutes from one phone carrier and selling them to another.
“There are these big guys, AT&T and the rest, who are bringing broadband into the home,” said shop partner David Sklaver. “But very few players are working with what to do with it from a software standpoint.”
Artustry is a hybrid ad agency and commercial production company run by partners Sklaver and Bob Giraldi.
ICOM approached Middleburg & Associates in New York, a public relations company, and told them they were looking for a small ad agency. Middleburg called Artustry and set up a meeting, and the client was impressed.
“We have a natural affiliation with these companies because we’re lean and our operating philosophy is very much the same as theirs,” Sklaver said. “These dot-com companies are into outsourcing and being very resourceful in a very nonstructured way.”
Artustry claims about $30 million in billings with clients such as Texaco and Chase Manhattan Bank.