Artists Recreate Pivotal Game of Thrones Scenes to Celebrate Its Sixth Season

HBO taps rising stars to produce the stunning works

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Fans of The Seven Kingdoms eagerly await the season six premiere of HBO's hit series Game of Thrones, and HBO has a new artistic treat for its biggest supporters. HBO, in partnership with agency Mass Appeal, tapped five emerging artists and collectives to recreate pivotal scenes from the show's past five seasons. Each chosen artist used a different medium from illustration to sculpture to bring the #ArtTheThrone promotional campaign to life.

In the past, HBO has promoted upcoming seasons with mixtapes, attracting big name musicians to contribute. After two years of mixtapes, the team at HBO decided to tap into a different community, and one that its fans are passionate about.

"The original intent was to really find what we felt were the cultural passion points that we could use to promote Game of Thrones and attract a younger, millennial audience. That's always been the key," Lucinda Martinez, HBO, svp of multicultural marketing, told Adweek. This year, that meant artists.

HBO said it made sure to find emerging and established artists who represent different art mediums and are all passionate about the show and its characters. Artists for the project include award-winning illustrator Marcos Chin, L.A. artists CYRCLE, Brooklyn street art muralist Tristan Eaton, info-graphics group Pop Chart Lab and sculptor Jeff Nishinaka. Each artist or group of artists was essentially given free reign to create whatever they wanted after HBO's team made sure the five groups weren't all creating pieces around the same storylines.

Pop Chart Lab decided to take on the infamous Red Wedding scene, creating an illuminated manuscript from the episode, while artist Tristan Eaton painted colorful portraits of Daenerys Targaryen.

Martinez said not only were the shows creators D. B. Weiss and David Benioff wildly impressed by the work the artists came up with, but were all happy to have a chance to "use the power and audience of Game of Thrones to raise awareness for the artists."

Another component of the campaign, also designed to deepen fan engagement includes behind the scenes videos from each artist or team, discussing the characters or scenes they chose to portray in their work and what inspired them. All of the videos are available for fans of the show online.

Take a look at the artwork, showcased at an event held at the Angel Orensanz Center in New York City.


        CYRCLE, a L.A.-based collective, created the Overthrown Crown instillation. Photo: HBO


        Marcos Chin created an animated illustration depicting Brienne of Tarth. Photo: HBO


        L.A. artist Jeff Nishinaka made this paper sculpture showing a white walker. Photo: HBO


        Tristan Eaton, an artist out of Brooklyn, painted multiple colorful portraits of Daenerys Targaryen. Photo: HBO


        Art collective Pop Chart Lab took inspiration from the Red Wedding, making this illuminated manuscript. Photo: HBO

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.