Art Comes In Rolls

What could be compelling enough to divert a fireman’s attention from a burning stove? Or cause football fans to ignore a televised touchdown? If the latest campaign from Boston-based Pagano, Schenck & Kay is to be believed, it’s wallpaper.
New print executions for the Wallpaper Council read: “Nothing gets your attention like wallpaper” and shows wall covering that so grips the interest of a room’s inhabitants that more interesting–or urgent–circumstances are ignored.
In one ad, a diaper-clad baby whirls around on the ceiling fan while the parents stare at a wallpaper pattern.
The idea originated with copywriter David Register and art director Kevin Daley, who spotted a photo of actor David Duchovny posed in a room of wild wallpaper that “really jumped out,” Daley said. “It’s like art on the wall.” –Sarah Jones