Amanda Thorpe isn’t your ordinary senior account executive.

Thorpe, a staffer at design and ad agency Goodspeed & Associates in New York, has an additional occupation that may soon put her smack in the public eye: She’s a singer and songwriter whose first album on Cropduster Records, Mass, launches at Mercury Lounge in New York on Jan. 18.

Thorpe, a British-born, classically trained musician whose music combines folk and jazz roots with trip-hop and trance qualities, is inspired by artists such as Dusty Springfield, Carole King and the Velvet Underground. She has been in the spotlight before, co-founding the folk-rock quintet the Wirebirds in 1996 and debuting her first solo EP, Too Many Spirits, in 1999.

The challenges of juggling agency life and her music provide a spark for Thorpe. “I love being involved in multiple, different things,” she said. There’s a “complementary” relationship between the two activities, she noted, as she sometimes provides soundtracks to commercials, and her inspiration is often triggered by working with copywriters. Goodspeed even designed the Mass album cover.

Music is just an integral form of expression, Thorpe explained. “I just couldn’t live without it.”