Arrow Patrols Streets of Atlanta

ATLANTA Arrow Exterminators this week rolled out six vans wrapped in advertising for its mosquito control service here as the first phase of a new campaign, the company said.

The six vans are designated the Mosquito Patrol and carry an oversized cartoon image of the airborne pest. The company expects to have more than a dozen of the vehicles operational by the end of the year.

Arrow introduced mosquito control service three years ago and the market demand has doubled each year, said Chick Munhall, director of marketing for the Atlanta-based company.

“Mosquitoes are a growth area for us,” Munhall said.

Arrow first advertised the service last year with decals on trailers that carried the equipment needed to apply mosquito control chemicals. The response to the decals prompted the company to expand the mobile advertising this year, Munhall said.

Next month, Arrow will change its 60-second radio ads in Atlanta to promote the mosquito control service. Currently, ads tout the company’s termite control service.

Arrow is producing the campaign internally because of reductions in its marketing budget following the hurricanes in Florida last year. The firm lost significant revenue in Florida, one of its primary markets, because of damage from the storms, Munhall said.

Last year, the company held a review and selected BrightHouseLive, an independent Atlanta shop, to handle its advertising. That relationship has been suspended temporarily, Munhall said.

“We pulled in our horns a bit,” he said.

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