AROMATIC DATA: So Much for the Image of Lotharios Doling Out Perfume

Who gives fragrances to whom? Recent research by Simmons Market Research Bureau finds – contrary to what you might guess – that women are more likely to buy fragrances for men than vice versa. And footloose singles of either gender are least likely to do the buying. As the chart indicates, engaged couples account for a disproportionate share of such gift-giving, as (to a lesser extent) do married couples.
People in the Midwest and South are far more apt to have made such purchases than consumers (of either sex) in the Northeast and West. Overall, Simmons finds 37% of women over age 18 have bought fragrances for men, while just 28% of men have bought fragrances for women. Does this mean women are more generous than men, or do they simply care more about what their mates smell like? There are no easy answers to these questions.
Women buying fragrance for men: Engaged 121, Married 113, Single 91
Men buying fragrance for women: Engaged 131 Married 106 Single 89
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