Arnold Tries Simplicity for Consulting Group

ATLANTA New print ads for BearingPoint tout the importance of objectivity. The effort from Arnold breaks this week in business and consumer publications including The Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes and Fortune.

The work stems from research that revealed concern among Bearing Point clients about whether consultants are truly objective or simply helping sell pre-packaged solutions or hardware from other divisions, said Linda Rebrovick, chief marketing officer at BearingPoint.

Ken Umansky, president of Arnold’s McLean, Va., office, said the campaign promotes the advertiser’s independence. (BearingPoint is the new name for KPMP’s consulting division, which was spun off from the accounting firm in 2002.) “Consultants have either been tied to accounting firms or now to IT equipment firms,” he said.

The ads feature blank space, symbolizing the company’s message about mapping a fresh course for the future. One shows a CEO’s annual letter to shareholders. The letter, dated 2008, is yet to be written.

Copy, penned by Imdan Achda, associate creative director and copywriter at Arnold, reads: “In the future, you have no shareholders. You have no rivals, no partnerships, no customers … No one does. Because the future hasn’t happened yet. It is a white canvas. A clean slate. A blank sheet. How will you write it?”

The client spends an estimated $35-40 million annually on ads.