Arnold Tries Light Touch for VW

BOSTON Havas’ Arnold takes a decidedly light touch in commercials that begin rolling out this week to introduce Volkswagen’s Touareg sport utility vehicle.

Five teaser spots take the form of VW ad auditions. The actors trying out for the parts are all hopelessly inept and include an overzealous would-be “soccer mom” (at one point she growls) and a slacker guy who pretends to stop the SUV in order to pet a mountain goat. The teasers omit the brand’s familiar “Drivers wanted” tagline and show only a brief glimpse of the front of the vehicle. “Ready for something new?” the ads ask.

“Drivers wanted” returns, however, in four spots that show the Touareg in action. They poke fun at the hard to pronounce name, claiming that’s the one thing car experts couldn’t say when heaping praise on the vehicle. One ad, “Trailer,” shows something a Touareg can do that a VW Beetle cannot: tow a heavily laden camping vehicle. (The Beetle tips back on its rear wheels; the Touareg easily gets the job done).

Boston-based Arnold, which counts VW as its largest client, has also fashioned similarly themed print and direct work for the Touareg.