Arnold Taps Managing Partners

Arnold has named nine managing partners and created a domestic operating board designed to forge strategies for the agency’s long-term growth.

The board will work closely with chairman/chief creative officer Ron Lawner and president/COO Fran Kelly, who late last year were given day-to-day command of Arnold’s Boston headquarters, freeing CEO Ed Eskandarian to focus on growing the organization into a global network as chairman of Arnold’s worldwide operations.

“The appointments are a logical progression for this group of people who exemplify Arnold’s spirit,” Lawner said. Kelly described the nine executives as Arnold’s “next generation of leaders.”

The new managing partners are: Karen Driscoll, Pam Hamlin, Lisa Unsworth and Jon Castle, all group account directors; Pete Favat, Alan Marcus, Alan Pafenbach and Jay Wiliams, all group creative directors; and John Gaffney, director of Arnold’s media department and its chief liaison with other elements of the recently formed Media Planning Group, which includes media units of Arnold parent Havas.

Tom Lawson, who has overseen Arnold’s regional McDonald’s business, is managing partner for Arnold’s worldwide organization, but his duties do not include shaping policy for the Boston headquarters, which claims more than $1 billion in billings. The managing partners retain their present assignments and take on expanded roles; they receive no equity consideration.

Driscoll, who has worked on both McDonald’s and Volkswagen of America, oversees integrated services, including public relations, brand promotions, yellow pages and design. Hamlin leads Royal Caribbean and will oversee the Domestic Insight Group, Arnold’s account planning unit. Unsworth helms both the Massachusetts and the American Legacy national anti-smoking assignments. Castle oversees VW. Favat works on and anti-smoking campaigns; he will take on added duties as creative advisor for design and brand promotions. Marcus heads up creative for McDonald’s and EMC. Pafenbach is an architect of VW’s ads and he will also supervise Arnold’s interactive group. Williams works on Royal Caribbean, The Hartford and Talbots.