Arnold Sets Monticello’s ‘Priorities’

BOSTON Havas’ Arnold this week launches an integrated campaign for Monticello Student Loans that includes a Facebook application.

Dubbed “Priorities,” the work seeks to connect with students through traditional and new-media channels and show young people that Monticello understands their concerns in school and beyond.

A pair of TV spots, tagged “When education is priority No. 1,” shows students in real-life situations made possible with the help of a Monticello Student Loan. One spot, “Love,” shows a misguided pickup attempt of an American coed by a Latin Romeo overseas. In “Fridge,” anatomy class specimens are kept cool in a dorm-room mini-fridge.

This marks the Boston shop’s first TV effort for the client after previously concentrating on print and radio.

In an effort to broaden Monticello’s reach, social media has been added to the mix in the form of a Facebook application. It allows users to create personal priorities lists on their Facebook pages and share/compare that information with friends.

“We need to be in front of our audience wherever possible,” said Matt Lindley, evp, ecd at Arnold. “And a student loan, while very personal in the end, begins with a pretty open discussion about priorities, the focus of the Monticello campaign.”

Monticello loans are an alternative education financing solution designed to fill the gaps after students have accessed traditional scholarships and federal loans.

To view the application: