Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Commercials Ever! [Video]

Editor: John Tejada

You may know him as the seven-time Mr. Olympia winner from when you were a gawky half-pint. Or the Hollywood action hero you wanted to be. Or you could’ve been one of the more than 38 million U.S. citizens he governated for a decade.

In any case, everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger. Which has made him perfect for advertising around the world.

Schwarzenegger, now 67, is clearly no stranger to the camera. And he’s appeared in countless peculiar ads—many of which you may not have seen, because like other smart A-Listers, he took his commercial talents overseas. And he seemed to hawk any brand that would pay.

In the video above, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite Arnie ads. Enjoy!

@iamjohntejada John Tejada is a video producer for Adweek.