arnold milks it

Daring skeptical consumers to try something a little different, Arnold has delivered new print ads in its national image push for White Wave’s Silk brand soy milk. The campaign, which began breaking in October, uses the tagline, “Don’t be so stubborn.”

One of the ads shows a carton of Silk next to a nearly empty cereal bowl on a kitchen table. Copy reads: “How did you know you liked water before you tried it?” Another execution features the product on a refrigerator shelf along with the text, “Ancient cultures drank soy milk. (Our research said that would mean something to you.)”

Yet another ad uses the word “yum” followed by a large asterisk and the admission that “The makers wish to humbly acknowledge the subjective nature of the term ‘Yum’.”

The Boulder, Colo., client tapped Boston-based Arnold earlier this year and has plans to increase its annual advertising budget from the low seven figures to more than $10 million. The media schedule includes publications such as Martha Stewart Living, People and Rolling Stone.