Arnold, Kiely Part Company

BOSTON – Creative director Kathy Kiely, the self-described “heat seeking missile” who moved into new business earlier this year, has quietly left Arnold Communications.
Kiely last week would not comment on her departure. Arnold chairman and chief executive officer Ed Eskandarian described Kiely’s exit as a “mutually agreeable decision.” Kiely was recruited more than five years ago by Eskandarian from Pedone & Partners in New York.
At Arnold, she worked on a number of accounts, including Talbots and the Hartford and Fleet Financial Group. Even after she moved into new business, she retained creative oversight responsibilities for Talbots and Hartford.
“I love the demands of building a business,” she said at the time of her appointment [Adweek, Jan. 25]. Agency insiders say Kiely had a reputation for being blunt – and that she and CCO Ron Lawner never got along. Moving into business development got her out of the creative department and gave her a chance to get more involved with an area of the business she liked.
She worked with chief marketing officer Fran Kelly and senior vice president of marketing Melissa Lea. The trio were to have collaborated on new business efforts.
Kiely was expected to add a more creative approach to pursuing prospects. She was actively involved in the pitch for, which the Boston shop landed in March.
Asked if Kiely had not met expectations, Eskandarian would only say, “There were a number of issues.” Sources said she is looking for work. ¡