Arnold Hits Street For Movie Game

Professional movers might not suggest strapping a couch atop a Volkswagen Bug, but Arnold in New York and Boston is doing just that in an effort to generate word-of-mouth via a campaign breaking today for Parker Bros.’ DVD-only game, Shout About Movies.

The estimated $10-15 million effort, which features a 15-20-city promotional tour starring a couch tied to a traveling Beetle (provided by Arnold client VW), is anchored by a TV spot that shows players setting up a couch by Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Calif. They attract a crowd by shouting answers to questions in the game. The spot carries the line, “Insert. Play. Shout!”

“If we could put that in enough people’s hands and say all you is need is a couch, a TV and DVD player, [word-of-mouth will carry the day],” said John Staffen, managing partner, ecd at Havas’ Arnold in New York.

The tour starts Friday in Boston with a virtual living room set up in a Lowes theater. Visitors play Shout About Movies there and receive samples of the game, in which players identify film dialogue and scenes—the first in a series of Shout trivia games that hit stores last month. The spot will also run in-theater. Sony is providing TVs and DVD equipment for the effort.

Salomon Smith Barney projects DVD revenue to reach about $22 billion this year, up about 26 percent from $17.5 billion in 2003. “If we were able to take advantage of what is out there … there is an opportunity,” said Matt Collins, vp of marketing at Hasbro Games, the parent company of Parker Bros.