Arnold Groups Business Analysts

Recognizing the increased influence of C-level client executives on marketing decisions, Havas’ Arnold is looking to appeal to them by forming a new unit of business analysts.

Like a Wall Street research firm, the Boston agency’s Business Insight Group will focus on specific categories. It is “[about] more efficient use of the advertising,” said Bill Alberti, one of three business strategists that make up the group. “It’s not just about appealing … to [the] chief marketing officer. We’re showing ourselves as real partners with [the clients].”

Alberti has been with Arnold for six years, most recently working in corporate communications. His two partners are Anthony Wong, a recent Harvard Business School graduate who has worked as an analyst with Bear Stearns, and Courtney Sullivan Homer, who just graduated from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Both joined the agency last week. All three report to Kelly.

Wong will cover Arnold’s New York and St. Louis offices and focus on food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and entertainment. Homer will work with Boston and Los Angeles and focus on travel, women and multicultural and youth.

Arnold president Fran Kelly said the group was a year in the making. The goal, Kelly said, is that CEOs and CFOs should “love their advertising campaigns. … Without the CFO and CEO support, a good campaign never blossoms.”

The Business Insight Group will play a key role in new business, putting together corporate analyses for potential clients with five-year projections on the role of marketing. “I think more than ever clients want a business solution, not just a creative solution,” Kelly said.