Arnold Fires Up Hartford Spots

A stunt man leaps through a glass window and out of a 20-story building after being set on fire in one of Arnold Worldwide’s latest spots for The Hartford.

As he lands on a crash pad surrounded by a film crew, a voiceover says: “People who live day-to-day don’t need to take investing seriously. For the rest of us, there’s The Hartford mutual funds.”

To create the ad, Arnold turned to the feature film industry. “It was easy for us to say, ‘Light a guy on fire and have him go out a 20-story window,'” said Arnold executive vice president/group creative director Jay Williams. “But we started to find out that there was a pretty small handful of people who knew how to pull this off.”

Williams described the ads as “a very dramatic and different kind of thing for The Hartford, and also for financial services.”

Stunt man Bob Brown, who has also appeared in Face/Off, End of Days and Terminator 2, portrayed the “fiery man.” Kenny Bates, who worked on Armageddon, coordinated stunts and music video director Sam Bayer directed the spots.

The campaign also includes a spot touting The Hartford’s estate planning offerings, in which a deceased man’s first wife fantasizes about sailing past his second wife in a huge yacht she bought with The Hartford life insurance policy he left her. The first wife, who has his yacht, is dwarfed by the larger vessel. Ads use the tagline “Bring it on,” which Arnold introduced in 1997.

The Hartford spent $30 million on ads in 1999 and $17 million through July of 2000, per Competitive Media Reporting.