Arnold, Fidelity Simplify the Process

NEW YORK Fidelity Investments this week launched a campaign from Havas’ Arnold in Boston introducing myPlan, an interactive tool designed to help investors take steps towards attaining their financial goals.

The campaign, which includes TV, print and online ads, positions the feature as “retirement planning made easy.”

In one spot, a husband brags to his wife as he nails a picture hook to the wall. “I’m some sort of handyman genius,” he says. His wife remains unimpressed and suggests he should get his own show. In another, a middle-age man celebrates his completion of a toddler’s puzzle. In a third spot, a father taunts his daughter with Ping-Pong victories. And in the fourth, a man gives his wife a high five after successfully parking his car between the lines—in an empty lot.

The four 30-second commercials close with the tagline, “Smart move.”

“We’re trying to get people to take the first step,” said David Register, creative director at Arnold, of the comedic approach. “If you talk about retirement and how much money they are going to need to save, people get a little freaked out.”

Print ads pose easy questions, such as “What color is the White House?” Banner ads feature easy video games, like “Catch the turtle.”

Fidelity’s research showed that while 74 percent of individuals consider themselves planners—citing vacations, birthdays and holidays as activities they enjoy planning—only 29 percent consider themselves good planners when it comes to finances.

Fidelity spent $85 million in measured media from January to September this year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.