Arnold Digitizes Citizens Ads

NEW YORK Citizens Bank is stepping up enrollment in its Green$ense program — which rewards customers with a dime for every electronic transaction they make — with interactive window displays in two major U.S. cities.

Motion-triggered ads touting the bank’s Green$ense eco-friendly initiative recently debuted in Boston’s South Station and Philadelphia’s Market East Station. The work is one of many interactive projects to come out of Arnold’s R&D lab, which opened its doors in the spring.

Green$ense allows customers to earn up to $120 annually for electronic transactions they make, including debit transactions, online bill payments and recurring payments. Citizens launched a campaign to promote the program last month with the tagline: “The environment is like a bank account. Every little bit helps.”

Similar to the client’s TV ads, the interactive screens feature a bird dropping coins into consumers’ hands. Consumers can engage with the screens through a camera device that reacts to movement. Depending on the range of motion, viewers can help grow trees and flowers or make birds fly. Street teams stationed at the Boston and Philadelphia branches will also help direct foot traffic to the display.

Citizens, which spent $10 million in measured media last year and $8 million through August, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus, is hoping the effort will turn into enrollment for its Green$ense program.

“[Green$ense] offers customers real value — cash back — for every payment without paper. At the same time, this program offers customers an easy and tangible way to help the environment and do something good,” said Mark Fabbro, the bank’s svp, group account director. “So, in essence, it’s the best of both worlds.”