Arnold Is Deemed Trustworthy

The Ad Council has tapped Arnold to produce a campaign for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The selection is based on research Arnold did for the Washington, D.C., nonprofit. Work involved tourist-style “home mov-ies” of locales such as Roosevelt Field, now a shopping mall in Garden City, N.Y., where Charles Lindbergh began his trans-Atlantic flight. Captions describing the site’s historical significance accompanied the images.

“Arnold finds the core message that puts an umbrella over the organization, then illustrates it with a video,” said Beth Newburger, director of communications for the NTHP. “It’s an interesting technique that puts in perspective what you think of yourself and what your target thinks of you.”

Previous ads, created by various agencies, show historic buildings in their preserved condition. The McLean, Va., shop’s print and television advertising will appear in midyear.

“One of the issues is getting younger people committed and understanding the value of historic sites,” said agency president Ken Umansky.

According to Newburger, the trust wants the campaign to change the national preservation ethic.

“We’re a country that does not place a high value on saving our built environment,” she said.