Arnold Bread Offers ‘Year of Wellness’

Arnold Bread is launching an online, radio and contest promotion for its Sandwich Thins and Bakery Light line of breads—just in time for New Year’s weight loss resolutions.

The online component,, goes live on Dec. 18, and includes a weekly meal plan and diet tips created by Chicago-based dietician Christine Palumbo. Consumers who submit tips on how the brand can help them achieve their weight loss goals will be entered into a contest to win “a year of wellness.” This includes: a year’s gym membership, monthly consultations with a certified nutritionist, workout clothes/ gear and a year’s supply of Sandwich Thins and Bakery Light bread.

The contest is tied to Arnold’s campaign, “Have your bread and eat it, too,” which targets carb-conscious women. Millennium Communications, Syosset, New York, handles Web duties. DePersico Creative Group, Havertown, Pa., developed in-store and local radio promotions. There is also a heavy emphasis on point-of-purchase and Catalina store couponing.

Brand manager Lisa Leszczuk said the campaign builds on favorable consumer response to Sandwich Thins, which debuted earlier this year. “Our research and sales data shows there is an obvious interest in diets every January, and consumer interaction tells us they are looking for ways to incorporate bread into a healthy lifestyle,” Leszczuk said.

The NDP Group’s Harry Balzer said the promotion is well timed. One thing the brand has in its favor: Bread is currently the top staple food consumed by Americans, and several of the fastest growing restaurants have built their margins on sandwich sales alone, Balzer said. “There’s no question about the importance of bread. It’s part of our diet in many different ways, but primarily through sandwiches,” he added.

Since its introduction in September, Arnold Bread has spent $70,000 advertising Sandwich Thins, excluding online, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.