Arnold Brand Promotions Goes on Summer Tour

Arnold Brand Promotions has launched tours supporting and the American Legacy Foundation’s “Truth” anti-smoking initiative.

At a time when big-budget reviews are becoming relatively scarce and some media ad clients have cut spending, Arnold looks to the 30-person specialty unit to help bolster its bottom line. The tours reinforce existing ad campaigns from Arnold.

As part of a street marketing program that will run through year’s end,’s “Trump-asaurus” mascot will appear at various public events.

The tour, billed as a “Monster Brand Experience,” features a Trump-shaped Landrover vehicle with a trailer full of interactive games and computer kiosks where people can surf the employment Web site.

So far, the Trump tour has shown up mainly in the Midwest; on the roster for the summer are the the World Trade Center Community Fair and the Fourth of July Festival at the South Street Seaport, both in New York.

Trumpasaurus is also appearing at street fairs and kiosks in high-traffic areas, such as Boston’s Copley Square and at “pink slip parties” in several locations—”anywhere we can intersect with the target customer,” said Beth Rice, senior vice president and director of Brand Promotions.

Arnold won the Monster account last year. Ad campaigns are tagged, “Job good. Life good.”

Visitors to summer events, in addition to being able to search for a job, can learn of the dangers of tobacco, thanks to the Arnold unit.

Appearing in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York is a promotion for the American Legacy Foundation’s “Truth” campaign. “We’re extending our TV and creative campaign to encourage teens to rebel against the marketing of Big Tobacco,” Rice said. Visitors can play video games and surf the foundation’s site.

Staffers from the unit are also traveling to college campuses to promote Volkswagen of America’s used cars and recently finished a mall tour to promote Keds’ sneakers.

Brand Promotions was founded three years ago to promote a more well-rounded service for the agency’s clients. “[Arnold’s] brand essence philosophy lends itself perfectly to be extended into brand promotions,” said Rice.